Private Walks

Our premier service, this walk can be anything you want it to be!  A brisk hike filled with fun and games for the energetic youngster, or a gentle meandering stroll for the senior citizen, with plenty of time to stop and smell the flowers.  Along the way, we will give treats and cuddles, practice leash manners, polite greetings, and maybe even learn a trick or two.

$27 for an hour-long walk.

$18 for a half-hour walk.


Semi-Private Walks

If your dog would prefer to walk with a buddy (or two), we'll match them up with compatible dogs from your neighborhood for an hour of sniffing, exploring and socializing.

$20 for an hour-long walk.




Puppy Visits

Have a brand-new family member and need help with potty breaks and crate training?  We will drop by and let your puppy out to go to the bathroom, followed by lots of cuddles and play!  Once your puppy has had his last round of vaccinations, he's ready to start going on walks to explore and socialize.

$18 for one half-hour visit visit a day.

$30 for two half-hour visits a day.



Going away for a few days?  Leave your dog in the care of a friend!  Your dog will be walked at her regular time, plus enjoy lots of extra strolls, treats and playtime.  We’ll send you regular updates and photos, so you can rest easy knowing she is happy and safe.

$45 per night for stays of fewer than 7 days.

$40 per night for stays of 7 days or more.

$60 per night for puppies under 6 months.

Availability may vary; please call ahead to discuss your needs.